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Bonapartix S-PP Front


Same model as Bonapartix® S but includes a Protective Part for the toe


Designed by Professor Jean Marie Denoix, DVM, PhD director of the CIRALE (Normandy, France).



Same model as the Bonapartix® S but includes a « Protective Part » (PP) for the toe. Rear support under the base of the frog. Front shape. Designed in high-tech aluminium alloy.
Non-tempered alloy : hot work possible up to 450 °C. 2 quarter clips. Thickness 10 mm. Coverage and weight in size 1 : 36 mm for the rear support (42 mm under the base of the frog) and 25 mm on the rest of the shoe. 239 g.



- Wide rear surface to increase support and to limit sinking of the heels into penetrable and compacted ground. Perforated rear support with holes in staggered rows for easy shaping.
- Bevelled outer rim at the rear part of the shoe to reduce rear leverage.
- Thinned and bevelled toe to promote maximum front rolling while protecting the front part of the foot.
- Bevel on toe quarters to limit collateromotion and rotation during propulsion in turns.



Reduces stress on the distal sesamoid bone and on the deep digital flexor tendon. Reduces general stress on the podotrochlear apparatus and interphalangeal joint mechanics.



Shoe indicated for horses that have an excessive wear of the toe with Bonapartix® S open toe. Podotrochlear syndrome grade 3. Pathology of the deep digital flexor tendon and accessory ligament (distal check ligament).

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