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Hyperbolic Sport Front

Hyperbolic Sport Front


Narrow coverage. Very light weight. "Hyper rolling". Bevelled branches



Shoe with narrow coverage and very light weight. Big bevel on the outer rim for a “hyper rolling” effect and bevelled heels. Designed in high-tech aluminium alloy. Non-tempered alloy: hot work possible up to 450 °C. 3 clips for use with 1 toe clip or 2 quarter clips. Thickness 10 mm. Coverage and weight in size 1: 25 mm on the toe and 23 mm on the branches. 173 g.



- Big bevel on the whole outer rim and thickness deliberately limited to 10 mm. Maximizes rolling in straight lines and turns when the shoe is new but also after wear.

- Bevelled inner rim and bevel up to the heels on the outer rim to promote sinking of the rear part of the foot into penetrable and compacted ground. Also balances wear between the toe and the heels to avoid having a wedge shoe at the end of the life of the shoe.

- Bevelled heels to promote the sinking of heels into penetrable and compacted ground. Also limits risks of shoe loss through overreaching.



- Reduces stress during the propulsion phase in straight lines and turns.

- Reduces stress on the fetlock joint suspensory ligament and on the superficial digital flexor tendon. Reduces general stress on the fetlock joint suspensory apparatus.



Preventive sport shoe made to optimize comfort and performance whilst reducing stress.

- Horses with high heels.

- Horses with very stressed fetlock joints.

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