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3D Motion Front


Special endurance aluminium horseshoe


- Designed with Dr Christophe Pelissier, chief veterinarian for the french endurance riding team.

- Tested and validated with Romain Laporte and Grégoire Tilquin, riders of the french endurance riding team.



Shoe with a wide cover, a double bevel all around the shoe and a bevel on the inner rim. Thickness 14mm to guarantee a huge wear resistance. Front shape. Designed in high-tech aluminium alloy Non-tempered alloy : hot work possible up to 450 °C. 3 clips for use with 1 toe clip or 2 quarter clips. Coverage and weight in size 0 : 30mm throughout the shoe. 260g.



Wide coverage in contact with the foot to distribute loads and protect the sole. Narrow ground bearing surface which is closer to the center of the foot in order to reduce front, medial and lateral leverage. Designed with a double bevel all around the shoe in order to promote maximum rolling in all directions when the shoe is new but also after wear. Bevelled inner rim and bevel up to the heels on the outer rim to promote sinking of the rear part of the foot into penetrable and compacted ground.



- Reduces joint stress in particular on distal and proximal interphalangeal joints.
- Reduces collateromotion and rotation movements and stress on collateral ligaments.
- Reduces stress on the fetlock joint suspensory ligament and on the superficial digital flexor tendon. Reduces general stress on the fetlock joint suspensory apparatus.



Sport shoe made to optimize comfort and performance whilst reducing stress, particularly on joints and on the fetlock joint suspensory apparatus. Particularly recommended for endurance riding with Arabian horses who have a tendency to have high heels and are therefore predisposed to fetlock joint pathologies.

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