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Asymetrix Front Left Wide Lateral, Right Wide Medial



Asymmetric shoe with branches of different widths : a wide branch with an onion heel and a narrow bevelled branch. Designed in high-tech aluminium alloy. Non-tempered alloy : hot work possible up to 450 °C. 3 clips for use with 1 toe clip or 2 quarter clips. Thickness 10 mm. Coverage and weight in size 1 : 38 mm on the onion heel. 30 to 27 mm for the wide branch. 27 mm on the toe. Narrow and bevelled branch : 25 mm foot side and 15 mm ground side. 204 g.

Concept and reaction to the ground:

The wide branch and the onion heel provide support and limit sinking into penetrable and compacted ground. The narrow and bevelled branch improves sinking into penetrable ground (enlarged surface under the heel on the foot side for more comfort). Bevelled outer rim on the toe and toe quarter opposite the lesion to promote rolling.


Depending on the application of the shoe (medial or lateral wide branch) : re-balances the foot in case of lateral or medial overload. Re-balances the joints in case of deviation of the distal limb. Reduces tension on collateral ligaments.


Deviations of the distal limb : valgus or varus (medial wide branch if valgus or lateral wide branch if varus). Subchondral compression bone lesions (narrow branch on the side of the lesion to reduce pressure). Desmopathy of collateral ligaments (wide branch on the side of the lesion to reduce tension).

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