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Compromix Front


Model designed by Professor Jean-Marie Denoix. Shoe with bevelled toe and narrow double bevelled branches. Front shape.

Made from hi-tech aluminium alloy with high mechanical strength. Non-tempered alloy : can be used for hot or cold shoeing (up to 450°C) without loss of hardness.

3 clips for use either with 1 toe clip or 2 lateral clips. Thickness 10 mm.


The narrow bevelled branches increase penetration on compacted and penetrable grounds. The enlarged surface in contact with the heel provides optimal comfort. Double bevel at toe, side walls and quarters for maximum rolling.


During the first part of the stride, when the foot is placed on the ground, the narrow branches and heels ensure penetration into the ground thereby reducing tension in the suspensory ligament and the superficial digital flexor tendon.

During the second part of the stride, the double bevel at the toe reduces tension in the deep digital flexor tendon


 Designed for horses with problems involving both the fetlock suspensory ligament and the deep digital flexor tendon or the carpal canal.

It is also recommended for tendinous gall problems with where there are lesions in both deep and superficial digital flexor tendons.

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