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Hunter Sport Hind


A low cost shoe where the processes and production have been optimised in order to offer genuine Michel VAILLANT aluminium competition shoes at unbeatable prices.

- Alloy that can be hot or cold forged.
- Excellence wear characteristics without the need to add a steel staples at the toe.
- Front shape provided with 3 clips for use either with 1 toe clip or 2 lateral clips.
- Bevelled heels to increase shock absorption during the foot landing phase.
- Parabolic branches facilitate cornering.
- Full toe for better propulsion on Hunter.
- Bevelled toe for better rolling on Hunter Rolix.
- Thickness 10 mm.

- UNIQUE and UNBEATABLE value for money.
- An affordable, ultra-light competition shoe with Michel VAILLANT quality. 
- Available in sizes from 3x0 to 4 (Any other size can be made to order). 
- Front or rear shapes.

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