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Indurix PSA


Shoe developed specifically for long-distance endurance races. New, super hi-tech TITANESC alloy with very high mechanical characteristics. Alloy tempered by heat treatment, suitable for risk-free hot shoeing up to 450°C. Durability is not affected provided heating is of short duration. In order to limit the need for adjustments, INDURIX is available in standard front shape and also PSA (Arabian horse) front shape. Supplied with 3 clips for use either with 1 toe clip or 2 lateral clips. Thickness:12 mm.

PRINCIPLE AND INTERACTION WITH THE GROUND : The bevelled heels and the reduced surface at the heels on the ground face of the shoe increases heel penetration on deep and reactive grounds. Enlarged zones under the heels on the shoe’s upper face where it makes contact with the foot ensure optimal comfort and protection for the foot. The large bevel at the toe allows better rolling when lifting the foot.

BIOMECHANICAL AND KINETHERAPEUTIC EFFECTS : The toe bevel allows better rolling which reduces tension in the deep digital flexor tendon. The heel penetration when the foot lands reduces the stresses on the suspensory apparatus and on the superficial digital flexor tendon. The limited thickness of 12 mm considerably reduces lever arm compared to other much thicker shoes (15 - 20 mm).Generally, reduces stress on the suspensory apparatus of the fetlock.

INDICATIONS : Endurance shoe made from high resistance alloy that allows longer distances to be covered with minimum farriery work during the competition even though the thickness has been deliberately limited to 12 mm.

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