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Parabolic Sport Hind


Parabolic coverage : wide toe-narrow branches-wide heels



Shoe with parabolic coverage: wide coverage on the toe – narrow on branches – wide on the heels. Long shape to ensure good support of the rear part of the foot. Designed in high-tech aluminium alloy. Non-tempered alloy: hot work possible up to 450 °C. 2 clips. Thickness 10 mm. Coverage and weight in size 1: 30 mm on the toe, 25 mm on the branches and 30 mm on the heels. 193 g.



- Wide coverage on the toe to protect the front of the foot and balance sinking between toe and heels on penetrable and compacted ground. Toe profile designed to optimize propulsion.

- Narrow branches to promote lateral or medial sinking in turns on penetrable and compacted ground.

- Wide coverage on the heels to limit sinking of the rear part of the foot on penetrable and compacted ground.

- Bevelled outer rim on the toe and the quarters to promote rolling in straight lines and turns.



- Reduces stress on podotrochlear apparatus.

- Reduces collateromotion movements.



Preventive sport shoe made to optimize comfort and performance whilst reducing stress, notably in turns

- Sport horses involved in disciplines which require short and repeated turns.

- Horses with flat feet. Horses with weak heels.

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