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Sport Trainix Front


Model designed by Professor Jean-Marie Denoix. Aluminium competition and training shoe intended for use by healthy horses.

No rolling at toe to provide maximum propulsion. Bevel at side walls. Increased heel support provided by large onion heels. Bevelled heels.

Front shape. Made from hi-tech aluminium alloy with high mechanical strength. Non-tempered alloy : can be used for hot or cold shoeing (up to 450°C) without loss of hardness.

3 clips for use either with 1 toe clip or 2 lateral clips. Thickness 10 mm.


Shoe for healthy horses.

Toe with maximum propulsion.

No rolling at toe because it reduces performance and propulsion. Bevelled only on side wall to facilitate rolling when working in circle.

A healthy horse never limps when moving in a straight line but can be uncomfortable on a hard circle.

Collateromotion and rotation cause more pain than extension. Horses have greater need for a bevel on the side walls than at the toe.

Enlarged heels, small onion heels for better load distribution for horses with tendency for weak heels but also adequate support for a shoe plate if required.

The heels are bevelled to reduce impact shock and provide better shock absorption on landing.


Increases propulsion with a non- bevelled toe on horses free of extension problems.

Reduces constraints of passive adduction/abduction and rotation. Supports the foot’s rear if predisposition to fragile and fallen heels.



Sport and training shoe enhancing performance thanks to maximum propulsion whilst preventing and relieving traumatisms when working in circle.

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