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Suspensor Onionix Hind


Shoe with wide toe and wide double bevel to allow the load-bearing centre to be set back (reducing digital leverage).

Shoe with large onion and greatly increased surface at heels. Rear shape.

Made from hi-tech aluminium alloy with high mechanical strength. Non-tempered alloy : can be used for hot or cold shoeing (up to 450°C) without loss of hardness. 2 lateral clips.

Thickness 10 mm.


Set the shoe’s load-bearing centre as far back as possible to reduce digital leverage. Obtained by using a wide double bevel on the toe and large onions which provide

a support for the heels set as near as possible to the foot pressure centre (and not on the foot’s rear as with an egg bar shoe).


It is no longer possible to stimulate the deep digital flexor tendon using a wide toe in horses with dropped joints because it has no tension. In order to reduce fetlock extension with the same load, the shoe’s load-bearing centre has to be moved backwards which can be accomplished

by reducing digital leverage. Heel support is achieved by increasing the rear load- bearing surface area using large onion that brings load-bearing to the foot’s centre, in contrast to an egg bar shoe which moves it to the back of the foot.


 Designed for horses with dropped rear joints.

Horses with lax flexor tendons including the suspensory ligament.

Degenerative pathologies of the fetlock joint suspensory ligament with dropped fetclock.

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