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Suspensorix PS Hind


Suspensorix® hind model adapted especially for thoroughbreds.


Designed by Professor Jean-Marie Denoix, DVM, PhD director of the CIRALE (Normandy, France).



Race horse model. Shoe with a wide toe and bevelled narrow branches. Hind shape. Designed in high-tech aluminium alloy. Non-tempered alloy: hot work possible up to 450 °C. 3 clips for use with 1 toe clip or 2 quarter clips. Thickness 8 mm. Coverage and weight in size 5: 29 mm on the toe. On branches: 18 mm foot side and 11 mm ground side. 94 g.       



On penetrable and compacted ground: wide front support to limit sinking of the toe into the ground. Narrow bevelled branches to promote the sinking of heels. Enlarged surface under the heels on the foot side for more comfort.



Reduces stress on the fetlock joint suspensory ligament and on the superficial digital flexor tendon. Reduces general stress on the fetlock joint suspensory apparatus (suspensory ligament, proximal scutum, straight and oblique sesamoidean ligaments).    



Desmopathy of the fetlock joint suspensory ligament. Pathology of the superficial digital flexor tendon. Desmopathy of the sesamoidean ligaments (straight and oblique). Arthrosis of the fetlock joint.

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